SHOWTEC - 60637/4 - Confezione da 4 lattine di liquido per macchina da fumo ad alta densità da 5 litri

SHOWTEC - 60637/4 - Pack of 4 cans of 5 liter high density fog machine fluid


Pack of 4 cans of high smoke machine fluid

5 litres

This water-based liquid has been specially developed for smoke machines to allow them to produce an extremely thick, durable substance, which is ideal when you need huge quantities of smoke in a short time. It leaves no residue and all components are free to prevent the machine from crashing. The water is bi-distilled, chemically and bacteriologically pure, harmless and cheap water is used. Reliable for performers and compatible with most fog machines. Do not use this liquid in any other applications: please do not mix with other liquids! Warning: Keep out of reach of children! Do not ingest!


Pack of 4 cans of 5 liter high density smoke machine fluid

Specifications per can:

FX Capacity (L) 5 L
Concentrate No

60637 /4
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