SHOWGEAR - 70610 - Mammoth Stage grid platform 1x1m without legs


Mammoth Stage grid platform 1x1m without legs

The Mammoth Stage is a compact, robust and easy to install system. Lightweight and extremely robust components, they can carry 500 kg/m2. In combination with the scissor spider legs, the buildup is easy. Suitable for temporary outdoor use.


Mammoth Stage grid platform 1x1m without legs

A very compact, light, versatile, easy to handle stage with many possibilities. Particularly suitable for indoor events such as fashion shows, performances or presentations and for locations such as schools, hotels or resorts. Building a stage with the Mammoth is easy due to the light weight of the stage itself. The 1x1mtr stage weighs just under 12kg and with the available legs (20cm, 40cm or 60cm height) you can build your own stage yourself in a very short time. Truss legs are the real time saver. Just plug them into your Mammoth stage and slide them open. Attention: the legs are suitable for the stage of 1x1mtr. If you have the 2x1mtr version, you always need two sets of legs. The railing and stairs complete your setup and are available as accessories. The Mammoth Stadium can carry loads of up to 500kg /m2.

Technical specifications:

Length 1000 mm
Height 55 mm
Width 1000 mm
Maximum load/m² 500 kg/m²
Weight 12.1 kg
Colour Black, Grey
br />12 mm plywood deck
Aluminum frame
Material Aluminium, Plywood

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