SHOWTEC - 70630 - Clamp for Mammoth Stage


Clamp for Mammoth Stage

Build your own stage using our Mammoth Stage or our Mammoth Dex for the more demanding events. These items can be used for both systems, but please note the following: Mammoth Stage and Mammoth Dex are not compatible, due to the different aluminum profile

The Mammoth Stage hook can be used to secure Mammoth Stage units together. The hooks are also compatible for attaching Mammoth Dex devices. We recommend not connecting a Mammoth Stage unit to a Mammoth Dex unit due to the diversity of aluminum frames


Clamp for Mammoth Stage

Technical specifications:

Length (mm) 38 mm
Height (mm) 7 mm
Width (mm) 12 mm
Weight 0.08 kg
Colour Gray
Material Metal
CE compliance

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